Blogging and Micro-Blogging in Three Steps


If you want your content out there you have to embrace both forms. That is to say you have to blog and email your posts and beg for people to click on the follow button and you have to beg beg beg them to forward your content to their friends, otherwise what is the point right? But micro blogging is equally important to gaining a following if you’re passionate about the content you’re providing to the bloggosphere and the internet to which the prior resides.

Tweeting is essential, putting out a consistent flow of thought in a world that values one hundred forty character messages provides a dual front in which your interest can be shared. For over a month now I have been following and writing about the nation’s Occupy movement, initially I receive an assignment from a former magazine CEO/President (long story short that four thousand word article sat in his mailbox due to a personal grudge between his former assistant and current assistant and none of you will probably ever read it), but I noticed how unbalanced the news covers the protesters. So I decided to throw my hat into the race; tweeting headlines and current events and up to date information about the NYC movement in a fanatical fashion was my first step to broadening who may or may not read what I write here on WordPress. Regardless of what happened to that initial content I am not letting go of the dream of being a published writer, so I use the resources that are available to me.

Unfortunately the conversion rate of tweets to followers isn’t really high for me at the moment, at 100+ tweets for 14 followers it is safe to say I am no Charlie Sheen or Ashton Kutcher. No begging involved here just pure content blasting with the hottest hashtags and a consistent message. While maintaining content flow is essential in a world that demands information, it is also critical to network, follow tweeters and tell people to follow your blog and micro blog brand. I am so lucky that my wordpress name matches my twitter handle, without that from a marketing perspective my writing has no identity. I am just punching keys with the purpose of emptying my brain for clarity sake.

The key is meeting that one person to sound off your brand to the larger demographic and once that is accomplished stay broad, stay vocal and stay true to your voice. Be honest but not grass. And always always look at things objectively so as not to isolate your readers. Its a sure fire way to build and maintain a following.

So to summarize how to Blog and Micro Blog:

1)Find your voice, know what you enjoy talking about and be creative in communicating facts and opinions.

2)Make sure your blog and micro blog handle are near identical; the name should embody your message.

3)Network: follow bloggers and tweeters, comment and retweet, and sell your product to everyone you meet.

In the end following these simple steps should get me to that one goal I seek to accomplish which is contributing in a print format my thoughts for other generations to enjoy. To be able to say my work; as contrive or derivative as it maybe, sits in the library with the worlds best authors. That would be really cool.


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