Homeland: A TV Show You Cannot Miss

Ok, so I’m pretty sure you’re going to say to yourself “Way late Broski, been watching this all season.” and that is fine this post may not be.

This show is a make you think drama that melds a great piece of cat and mouse fiction with current event scenarios and breaks down black operation practices. I love it. I watch it at the dead of night with all my lights off in my bedroom and immerse myself into this covert world where solutions are not found at the end of each episode. The fact that I am going against years of nay saying and publicly announcing that Claire Danes consistently delivers in this television show should be part of the reason why you check out this show.

Nine episodes have come and gone and the show is definitely reaching a climax; now I will not divulge too much information about the plot but just enough of it to rope you in. Damien Lewis (Band of Brothers: Dick Winters) is a recently freed POW of the Iraq war and has been returned home to a hero’s welcome. (Think Lynch but on a grander scale)

On a layered timeline Claire Danes’ character Carrie Anderson, a CIA character who has been returned to domestic work for reasons unknown has just received credible information from a captured operative that an American POW has been turned by Al Qaeda making the capture and release of Lewis’ character Sargent Nicholas Brody too coincidental of an incident for her to accept.

Current Events Lesson: Currently the Taliban and Al Qaeda hold two American POWs presumably PFC Bowe r. Bergdahl is being held in the mountain region of Afghanistan or somewhere in neighboring Pakistan and SSG Ahmed K. Altaie is somewhere in Iraq.

So hypothetically the premise behind Homeland, given the stated information and all the known American conversions and digital calls to Islam is a probable one, especially when we recognize that over the course of our ten years at war there is a  list of POW’s captured and released or captured and murdered who may or may not have given up some information about how our terrorist task forces function.

In this show’s nine episodes the plot twists and turns; the affairs of many of the characters are exposed, while Sgt Brody’s (Lewis) history is most closely dissected by the story line than any of the others; though I am sure that you will find yourself wondering more about “secondary” or “tertiary” characters as the series progresses.

I have found it extremely entertaining to make character profiles on everyone. I guess I am that obsessive compulsive; the kind of guy who enjoys trying to piece together and predicting the next moves of potential terrorist sleeper cells, their masters and that of the individuals working on behalf of the American clandestine war effort. The urge to disseminate information from the story line and predict what will transpire is not new for anyone, but your skills will certainly be tested.

Produced by those who made 24 I promise you this still water story runs deep and you will all be thoroughly entertained questioning and cheering on Anderson and questioning yourself as Sgt Brody’s life is broken down. The latter of which will hurt as it has  destroyed my comprehension of justness in a way that has never been done. Furthermore the show begs one to question are we doing enough to keep our nation safe? That is to suggest that we have become complacent in safe-guarding our nation in the ten years since the 11th of September 2001. Who else was behind the attempted Time Square bombing, and what happened to those men Home Land Security were chasing down who were allegedly hell bent on attacking my city on this year’s tenth anniversary? Homeland in all its glory is gritty, real and strikes at the core of why I named this blog and my peers ” A Lost Generation” because all we are and all that we ever will be are these wars, that date, and this economy.


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