I Joined a Fantasy League???

Jesus I joined a fantasy league after admonishing those who have in the past and swearing on a bible that I would never do it…well never say never. I am thoroughly enjoying it too because now there are apps to follow your teams progression, arrange your starting line-up and organize trades. Essentially I am going to be scouring through my phone ignoring everyone Wednesday, Monday and Sunday like I already do watching college football on Saturday.

My team name is The Commander and Queff and I just lost to a team simply called Cheeseheads (SO ORIGINAL!!!) Thanks a lot Wes Welker for showing up to the prom and not dancing and Jennings seriously you couldn’t get me at least 10 points! I am your king and you are my minions do as I say!!!

Are there meetings I can go to in order to resolve this new fantasized addiction? Seriously though I have a problem and I love to trash talk…there is nothing wrong with a little on-line bullying but if my team is going to under perform like this then I am going win the “Flaccy” for most flaccid talk never to be backed up on a scoreboard.

I will understand if you do not want to be my friend anymore. I joined a fantasy football league…I mean REALLY?!?!?


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