Casio Privia ‘Beyond Sound’ Launch Party!!!

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Tuesday September 11th, 2012 New York City

Getting home I turned my phone back on and received a call from a good friend and tossed my suit right back on to head over to Time Squares’  Edison Ballroom here in New York City for Casio’s Privia “Beyond Sound” event party. The gift bag was great but the music was EPIC featuring Tom Brislin (check out his new album worth it, Thanks Tom) playing on the new Casio Privia for a set with DJ Enferno who was manning the 1’s and 2’s, as well as but certainly not least Youtube sensation Karmin (Spicey Amy Heidemann and Smooth Nick Noonan). Where the pop duo played their new Single ‘Hello’ and their infamous Busta Rhymes cover ‘Look At Me Now’.

(Click here if you would like to read my review on Karmin and thier single “Hello”)

Check out Tom Brislin for sure though he stood out as an epic musician and a funny guy off stage too. And Karmin’s Amy Heidemann looked fly as all hell. WOOT! Well a polite “woot” really because she’s engaged to her bandmate Nick Noonan (Noonan!)…Still check out everyone’s work and toss them on your party playlist for sure!

I also want to give a big shout out to the intern, who while new to NYC thought I looked 007 enough to receive a stop and frisk. Thank you! This is definitely where I parked my car!

Big thanks goes out to Nikki at Crow BFW Watches and Annette and Virgil Oliver at Good Works Makes a Difference for getting me into last night’s event with out a hitch. Dear god I Love New York City.

I’M OUT!!!

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