DaCav Gets an Embrace from the Mainstream

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I have been waiting for an opportunity where I can get an exclusive interview with these boys and lovely lady from Philadelphia and I am almost positive that once this post goes live on here and on EatSleepBreatheMusic.com they’re going to give me a few minutes of their time but for now all I have are some staggering numbers and music nesting in my brain. So let me give you the break down of all this noise I’m tossing at you now.

DaCav is the newest  great thing to escape out of Fly-delphia since Charlie, Mac, Sweet Dee and Dennis reminded us that it is okay to hide Danny Devito naked in a leather sofa. In other words these young artists like to play with a “Dirty Style”.

Brian, Mikey P, Kristyn and Mike make up an eclectic group for an eclectic, fusion and pop-club sound. In fact their club track from 2011 “Dirty Style” was premiered during an airing of ‘Jersey Shore’ as ‘Buzzworthy’ material. Unfortunately MTV loves, loves, loves embracing a lack of follow through and that just enrages me because the popularity of DaCav is growing a year after that release.

Check it, my boys at SIRIUS XM got it right when DaCav jumped on to their top 20 list this summer with their Summer single “Na Na Na” and the group will without a doubt catch more air time on terrestrial radio now that it is club season and not out-door concert season anymore. (Screw You Sweat Soaked Bonaroo Crowds). People I think its time to sweat and dance with a little more excitement because the sounds coming out of their studio is nothing but ear blasting and catchy to the point of insanity! Currently “Na Na Na” (don’t kid yourself cus you know it’s going to infest your playlist at work) has over 340,000 thousand views. Now that’s money-making numbers right there.

To “To The Sky” in one week has received 27,895 views on YouTube and I am only hoping that this is their next single. This is going to be my pub crawl theme song this fall! Check out DaCav and don’t be scared to bounce with the crew and give your girl a little horse dance. Just don’t tell her you think Kristyn is a stone cold hottie. MEOW!

Their song “Tetris” has gotten (hold on to your butts) 1,118,173 views on YouTube and rising!!! Over a million hits that’s something I am giving the “YouTube Sensation” stamp of approval on.

I’m OUT!!!

(For more on upcoming artist click here to read up on DJ Mednas!!!)

I Attended the Casio Privia Launch Party at The Edison Ballroom

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5 responses to “DaCav Gets an Embrace from the Mainstream

  1. The only thing this group has going for them is the hot female and I mean she’s smoking! The black guy is the best rapper in the group and he’s worse than Flo Rida. White guy with the mohawk and muscles is trash and tries to get by just on appearance. Mexican guy verse just was awkward, to say the least. The only relevant white rappers are Mac Miller and the God, Eminem. I checked out their old stuff on YouTube and it was better than this crap.

  2. I love this group, been following them since i heard the song dirty style on the radio. Honestly, everything about them is perfect. I want to see them live!! 🙂

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