Artist Profile: Mednas

Hey everyone check this out if you’re following dance music at all or fist pumping in your car to non-sense like Nikki Minaj, or ‘We Are Young’ then you need to educate yourself right here right now. Because I have the exclusive with my fellow Billiken and resident DJ at Miami, Florida and the United States’ ” #1 Hottest Night Club” LIV’s DJ Mednas!

I have known Mednas now going on six years and no doubt I have been listening to his progression as an artist and watching his ascension as an Electro star grow. The man is a surgical producer dicing up the hot tracks and playing to sold out rooms in South Florida clubs.

This still rising star has caught the eyes of wait for it… LEGENDARY… DJ TIESTO (respect) who has played his gritty, anvil thumping track ‘Derby’ on his Sound Cloud show ‘Tiesto Clublife’. Certainly Miami is the place to be right now for an electro comeback.

Music fans we are all sick of this New Disco nonsense and two weeks ago I swear to god I heard a Radio Disney Dub Step remix of like all my favorite rock songs and I almost threw up and shit my pants. On the real though if Electro doesn’t come back into the mainstream I may need to invest in a lot of pants because I cannot take this much longer.

I had an opportunity today to talk to DJ Mednas to talk about the future of his sound and what it is like to play on the nations largest dance stage. HOW BOUT THEM APPLES PAULIE D!?!?

H&Y- Tell me what is it to play at Liv? That’s a big career changer. Sold out crowds.

DJ Mednas- Resident in #1 club in US, yeah…its always good.

H&Y- Different from Saint Louis?

Mednas- Uh…YEAH!

H&Y- How do you stay creative with all the lovely Miami distractions?

Mednas- Focus…(laughs)

H&Y- You’ve always been a chill guy and we go way back, can you still fit your head through your t-shirts or is the ego blowing up?

Mednas- (Laughs) No way, no ego man. Ego ruins your career man. Gotta keep your head on your shoulders in order to move foward. When your head is far up in the clouds you don’t see whats going on on Earth.

H&Y- What’s next for you? Do you stay in Miami and thrive or go to Europe where the heart of the movement is?

Mednas- Make a Hit. I’m in the studio workin on my new tracks.

H&Y- Release date?

Mednas- Hmm no idea.

H&Y- So tell me does what happens at LIV stay at LIV or do you have a story to share?

Mednas- It stays at LIV (chuckles)

H&Y- Any surreal moment with a celeb on stage?

Mednas- Every other week! (NYE Countdown Mednas playing with Maria Menuonos on stage)

H&Y- Its been real as always. Any chance you’re going to make a splash in NYC you seem pretty booked down there…

Mednas- I’m working on it.

If you’re in the Miami area please check out a rare alumni of Saint Louis University jamming on stage with Erick Morillo on October 6th, 2012! He already played September 7th with the amazing Calvin Harris be sure to check for updated material at as well as a list of all upcoming events featuring this club thumbing Billiken! You can purchase DJ Mednas’ track on The Beatport.

I’m OUT!!!

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