Karmin “Hello”: The Covers Were Just a Front!

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Aaaaah here we go again pop fans, club heads, pre-partiers, fratboys, yuppie in khakis, ladies trying to get the night started right!!! Here is the scoop on a great track and vibing EP by a rock solid duo Karmin. For those of you who no habla musica, Karmin came up in 2011 as a cover sensation. Songstress Amy Heidemann has better lungs than Aquaman and Jim Carry on a prolonged rant combined! She can throw down uptempo, looooong rhymes with the best of them as proven by Karmin’s big claim to fame their cover of “Look At Me Now” by Busta Bust a.k.a. Busta Rhymes ft/Chris Brown that scored immediate mainstream notoriety and is still to this day counting up the views on YouTube with OVER 73 MILLION!

They’re debut single “Broken Hearted” subsequently became their first song to enter Billboard Hot 100, where it has reached a current peak at #16. It also reached the #1 spot on Hot Dance Club Play, #12 Pop Digital Songs, and #10 Mainstream Top 40. “Hello” is already blowing up Al Gore’s internet with over 2,000,000 that’s 2 Million views on YouTube. Heidemann has a very club pop voice and her ability to break out of the pretty girl shell of her’s to let loose on a little rhyme routine is catchy as hell. “Hello” is the duo’s second Billboard Hot 100 hit in a row! (White kids are ballin’!)

Look to all you haters demanding something that just isn’t there hush up and let these two play the game that is right for them. In my estimation this group is not going to start a cultural revolution, we’re not going to see Hands Across America 2.0 because Producer Stargate  thought it was cute to throw down the chorus of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” in a distorted autotune fashion. I smiled when I heard it and yeah it is a bit cheesy but after listening to it a second time it did what it was supposed to do. HOOK! This is no doubt going to be playing at every gay club across America yet alone all the countless sorority parties in middle America and all the pubs in Manhattan.

Wake up get with it Nick Noonan (Noonan!) and Amy Heidemann have found their niche and so long as they keep themselves grounded the creative facility in their minds won’t stop. P.S. Amy you get a big Tiger Roar and a polite woot because I know you’re engaged to Noonan. Most importantly Karmin plays here in NYC at The Hard Rock Cafe October 4th! I’m going to be there. But for now…

I’M OUT!!!

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