RETRO FIT: Fall 2009 “Lions” The Features

This is the first time I’m doing something called RETRO FIT. Like it or love (there is no hate option) I am going toss down a Retro Fit for you guys as often as possible. This is totally a nostalgia piece that requires your interaction as well. If you can remember a song from the season/year/month that I am force feeding in every installment please chime in and tell us about it.

For the inaugural installment I’m throwing at you a fun song that kept my spirits up alone in my office at SIRIUS XM while doing data transfer and spreadsheet analysis…JOYGASM!

The Features is a band based out of Tennessee who threw down a fresh Indie Rock track in August/September of 2009 that I could not get enough of simply titled “Lions” (Click here for Youtube Video). It has a nice vintage vibe mixed in with a fun Pop Louie Prima chorus and a strained voice pitch similar at times to that of Kings of Leon front man Caleb Followill.

The often quirky nerd rock sound is a love song stressing the need to fight through the agonies and discussing perseverance against the odds. That’s like every freakin relationship, am I right?  There is a psychedelic element to the lyrics and sound, think cartoon primates.

Their 2009 album “Some Kind of Salvation” of which this track comes from was originally independently released but through their many years of collaboration with Kings of Leon; The Features having opened for them on many occasions, the subsequent partnership had the song “Lions” playing on SIRIUSXM’S Alt Nation until the following summer.

Their newest single was picked up by the General Motors Company 2013 Ford Mustang campaign. Needless to say they are extremely catchy and I promise you will enjoy their sound which is available on iTunes. For Fall 2009 this is me signing off.

I’M OUT!!!

 The Features Homepage!!!

MTV The Features Page Video Content


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