Retro Fit: 2001 Sugarcult “Start Static”

It’s election season indeed and if you have been watching everyone and their mother is sharing their political views as if they’re all priceless gems of wisdom. Well as for me I am sick of it all and I am listening to music from our last pure summer to keep a smile on my face. The summer of 2001 was such a great time and Cali-Punk Pop was at its Apex. Greenday hadn’t gone all American idiot on us yet and Tom Delong didn’t think that his muppet voice could save the world; or maybe he did and just didn’t publicly admit it yet. August 2001 gave us Sugarcult’s only mainstream success and it rode in on the coattails of the success of the move “Van Wilder”. Needless to say when I was 17 dying to get high school over with and having no knowledge of what we were on the precipice of enduring I took solace in some light head banging and crowd surfing to this group. So if you want to kick back and enjoy this Retro Fit turn on the old lava lamp and jump into your high school jalopy; long junked but still running in your mind and turn on “Start Static” because lets just face it your friends’ Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts are only get louder and more annoying.

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I’m Out!!!

Tracks to listen to:

Stuck in America

Bouncing of the Walls Again

Daddy’s Little Defect

Pretty Little Girl (The Way)

I Like Underwear (Hidden)


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