Yankees Game 4

Hey there again sports fans time for another one of my sophomoric views on sports. Game 4 of the Yankees v Tigers series is upon us and the Bronx Bombers are facing elimination with their ace C.C. Sabathia on the mound which should make for an interesting game but just in case you find yourself angry over the Yanks’ demise here are a few things you can do to come back down to reality.

1. Remind yourself that these professional athletes are indeed professional athletes. They make hundred of thousands of dollars and in many cases millions of dollars a year. You should be angry that these numb skulls get more attention on the news then the things that truly affect you. Look as I previously state before they’re professionals, they’re used to losing its apart of their job so put down the bottle of Jack and pay attention to that dirty laundry you haven’t taken care of yet.
2. Look at your bank account and be concerned with your bills they’re due at the end of the month and you have been going to the bar to watch these idiots all season. You probably even spent a couple hundred bucks on a new Ichiro jersey.

  • Reevaluate your time allocation and your spending habits.
  • Transfer your money over to a credit union
  • Open a savings account

3. It’s autumn go outside enjoy the foliage, have some cider and meet a woman picking pumpkins. Go to a harvest festival…oh wait there was a drought this summer…go to a movie festival. HELL go see Argo staring Ben Affleck and Alan Arkin.

4. Find out why the Dubstep “drop” is so damn hot right now.

5. Try not to be such a little bitch about your team losing, it’s completely unbecoming…Hey! At least your not a cubs fan.

6.Say is with me now “There’s no crying in baseball!”
Until next season folks!


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