Foodie: Minimo Brooklyn


Tucked away in the grey of Brooklyn between the ever expanding Hipster Brooklyn and the rest of the world is a restaurant that melds organic culture and Manhattan fine dining. Minimo Brooklyn is a sanctuary for any foodie who wishes to experience peace and serenity in a space that best exemplifies a neutral zone for invasion and succession.

The clientele is mixed but they all come in for the same sublime reason. The pricing for the quality of food; which also manages to put out to go orders for local regulars, is insanely affordable on my trip with friends our party of six managed to have eight plates and two great bottles of Bordeaux (simple yet complex in its ability to pair off with our meal) for the price of two at Perse in the heart of Manhattan.

The Egg Yolk Ravioli was cooked to perfection a true sign of a skilled technician managing a hole in the wall kitchen. The richness and texture is unmatched to anything you and your family will experience on Restaurant Row. The Pesto Pasta was cooked to a perfect al dente and the jellies and preserves that were elegantly placed on our cheese platter were palate pleasing to say the very least.

The beauty about Minimo is not just in the plating or the unique location for a culinary gem but in the attention to detail that so many restaurants miss because they’re too busy being a brand. Make the trek to Minimo and get rewarded by this very special establishment now before the Yuppie’s of Hell’s Kitchen and Murray Hill muster up the guts to visit beyond Williamsburg.


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