P.F. Flyers

the sandlot esquire magazine pf flyers

The head line says it all. Your Daddy’s shoe is back and in style, not just for the kids or the kids at heart but for the Yupsters of America too. Obviously the Yupster is an amalgamation of Hipster and Yuppie but what is a Yupster?H&Y defines a Yupster as:

 “a man or woman in their mid-twenties to early forties who is wealthy enough to keep up on the trends and melds Upper East-side and Williamsburg to make something you see wandering the Meat Packing District at any hour of the day who appreciates reading WWD or Esquire (noun) ori. latin (trendeous-richasfuckus)”

fashion trend pf flyers

‘So we were worried– real worried– even when Benny brought out the secret weapon: shoes guaranteed to make a kid run faster and jump higher, P.F. Flyers.’  The Sandlot

Anyway now that we have that covered lets discuss your father’s favorite sneaker, an item which was featured as the athletic gem of its day in the Gen-Y favorite “The Sandlot”. Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez pulls out a brand new pair of P.F. Flyers when he is about to confront The Beast for the highly coveted autograph baseball signed by the one, the only, the Great Bambino, the Sultan of Swat, the Colossus of Clout…Babe Ruth! I always maintain that Benny was able to out run “The Beast” because like me he is a Latino but for the sake of the movie plot and this article his speed was attributed to the black pair of P.F. Flyers he adorned in the movie’s climatic chase scene.

The P.F. Flyers a high top canvas sneaker is a classic of the late 50’s and early 60’s; not to be confused by the Chuck Taylor’s worn in “West Side Story” in 1966 with all that twirly whirly stuff, was the end all be all of footwear and let me tell you something my dad and his friends loooooved their P.F. Flyers to play baseball and basketball in all around NYC.

This perennial basketball style made history last century and remains a contemporary favorite in this one. Featuring premium materials, a vertically ribbed toe guard, a diamond-patterned out-sole and the famous Posture Foundation insert, the Center Hi remains the hi-top incarnation of the classic American shoe.

It’s sad that this sneaker icon has been shifted over from something used for athleticism and style to simply style. I wish basketball sneakers could be that simple again. But it is nice to see simple return back to style. My dad is going to flip when I get myself a pair in cream or as my he would call it “off white” and they will be worn on the courts of Hell’s Kitchen.

At $55 bucks you really can’t say no to them. Check them out on PFFlyers.com


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