iPad Mini Apple’s Major Mistake

Steve Jobs Apple Founder

It is difficult for me to give personal praise to a man who I know little about, Steve Jobs is that man, however I can state with absolution that without his leadership we would not be seeing such bold changes in our American life. From “the wheel” on the original iPod to the retina clarity resolution of the company’s current products the innovations Apple has made has shifted culture universally.

This being said it was Apple’s ability not to stay current but in thinking ahead to the future for what America and the global consumerist population needed that made their brand so unique. CD’s were a waste and Napster showed this was true above all else and in response Apple made a digital market place for producers to sell without wasting on unnecessary expenses like plastic and packaging.

That was the Apple my generation grew up with and the generation that became Apple’s core audience. But as the market has changed and competition has stiffened in the digital music world and then the smart phone world and now tablet computers the company that once stood as a beacon of American digital hardware design and innovation has become complacent, showing signs of fatigue and if you’re a poker player or poker fan reading this post you’ll have to agree that those are signs of the big stack about to go bust at the table.

iPad Mini Launches November 2ndThe iPad Mini is nothing but a tiny footnote in the history of consumer electronics. The $329 bare bones model that is meant to challenge Amazon’s Kindle Fire, The Nexus and Samsung’s Galaxy Note is grossly over priced and after launching the iPhone 5 just months ago; a product riddled with unfinished pre-installed software, faulty structural components and marred by stories of worker riots at Apple’s lead Chinese manufacturer Foxconn, I question whether or not people will be lining up around the corner. It’s a little sad to see a company make their newly deceased founder eat his words when he said there would not be a smaller version of the iPad, but here we are.

Then again I could be wrong because people came out in hordes for the iPhone 5 out of loyalty. When you’re willing to put people in harms way for the sake of continued brand loyalty and I guess members of the Cult of Apple are willing to add a nonsensical mini tablet into their line-up.

This iPad Mini is a big red flag for investors and a huge opportunity for sharks seeking easy money to bet against the stock. Its what the wise investor did when Facebook was grossly over valuated as the case will be in the future for Apple. The market should be looking at the recent barrage of news when it comes to seeing this long bet through.

Apple’s main competition Google, has erroneous quarterly earnings made public sending the stock into a dive just days before it was to release generous Q3 earnings and a new piece of hardware with fellow Mac rival Samsung (coincidence?!). Apple’s loss of talented senior members has led to more leaks about future products and these were not mistakes like leaving a prototype iPhone at a bar, actual leaks where we the public didn’t have to wonder what the new iPhone 5 looked like. These are signs of a classic brain drain, where imagination is not being utilized and talent morale is dropping. When I interviewed at Google a month ago in their Chelsea office that was certainly something I did not observe. Never bet on a company that relies on frail patent claims to stay a float in this market. For a Steve Job-less Apple change is here, it is happening and the full effects of losing their leader is breaching into the public forum.

For the general public this launch was meaningless but for those in digital design and the arts having a MacBook with retina digital display; which finally matches the resolution of their iPad3 and iPhone5, can enjoy the same quality in imagery across the board.

If anyone is planning to buy the iPad Mini in the near future leave a comment below tell me what is the driving force behind this purchase.

For those opting not to purchase a new Apple product this winter share what factors are holding you back.

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