Mission Chinese Food NYC

Get out the Pepto Bismol we got ourselves a burner here!

Not only is this the hottest spot in Manhattan to get into but for those who like it hot this is going to test your limits. I can actually boast eating from this restaurant before the king of no reservations did. This foodie beat Anthony Bourdain to the table and I’m loving the opportunity to gloat though he does have a slightly larger following than me so my praise of this culinary tribute to szechuan cuisine will mean very little to the restaurants bottom line but no less my friends and I got there first!

The beautiful thing about Mission Chinese Food is not its locale (cramped, loud drunken streets of the LES) it is the ability to call in your order or if you don’t mind standing around for 45 minutes walking in and placing a to go order as we did, but don’t order one plate order a meal. I am talking four to five plates you’ll regret not having left overs, if you’re lucky to have left overs. Oh yeah and help yourself to the complimentary beer while you wait for your table or your order. If you are looking to sit down plan waaay in advance because Mission Chinese like many hyped up food and drink spots necessitates a reservation.

So here is the bottom line the food is salty as per the style so make sure that you get yourself the right beer to go with your meal I suggest something dark and malty Yuengling Porter does the job or you can go with an Abbey Ale from Ommegang Brewery. We had the Trice Cooked Bacon, the Mapo Tofu, the Kung Pow Pastrami and the Sizzling Cumin Lamb Breast. The first three are not for the faint of heart. The latter has an amazing smokey flavor that all cumin dishes have but arguably the best plate is the Kung Pow Pastrami which doesn’t have two flaming butt cracks next to it on their menu for nothing.

I wish I could show you the plates but since it has been two months since I had the initial experience the unhealthy craving I am currently fighting back to return for take out (On F’ing Orchard Street!) and riding the subway with my dinner back up to Hell’s Kitchen should be more than sufficient in convincing you to try out this very original San Francisco based establishment. Enjoy!


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