Hurricane Sandy: Huffs & Puffs NYC Down

I don’t have a go to meteorologist available for this post so you’ll have to deal with my experience dealing with storms of this magnitude on a couple of dozen occasions. I have to put all jokes aside today because I imagined a scenario where we deal with something like this once a year where a storm comes barreling up the Atlantic coast shutting down America’s largest city and collectively shutting ports and business down for days on end.

Crane Collapse Hurricane Sandy

Crane Hangs As Winds Are Still Picking Up

So if you’re in NYC you’re probably wondering where is Sandy. She’s here and this is the different side of a hurricane NYC has not dealt with before. Carnegie steel built this city up and our mayor deems it fit to continue the tradition of opening up our skies for further development. Currently a cherry picker hangs 75 stories over head on 57th street between 7th and 6th avenue, with gusting winds over a thousand feet off the ground the scenario does not look bright as there is nothing officials can do to secure the cherry picker from further collapse.

All the mean while we were concerned and are still concerned with salt water flooding and corroding Con Ed’s power lines and the MTA’s subway facilities. Midtown is known for its canyon effect, winds are only amplified to three times its strength here and when the crane does fall down to the ground; it would be a miracle if it stayed in place, that canyon effect is going to shoot pieces of the crane into the sides of office buildings. No big deal right? Wrong any destruction to midtown buildings leads to the slow down of commerce not just here in Manhattan but around the world.

People can get dismissive “It’s only rain” but the back-end of a hurricane or tropical storm as wide as Sandy is going to blast winds the

Helpless Fire Fighters Wait for Crane To Worsen

Left powerless NYC Fire Fighters are left like tourist staring up at Sandy caused crane collapse

like of which our city has never seen. Following Sandy trends on twitter there has already been posts of windows failing on the 20th story of a Park Avenue apartment in the city’s Upper East Side. The worst is yet to come but we’re safe in our homes, with our friends and families. Do not go outside people.

My suggestion still is to drink, have fun and catch up on sleep. The city that never sleeps has passed a 6 PM curfew for a reason. This time last year we experienced an amazing of wind and ice and after the storm passed a man went out to Central Park for a run. A tree branch broke from the weight which it carried on to the jogger and killed him. Stay inside if you’re afraid chill out in your bathroom for a bit which hopefully has no windows or if you’re in a high-rise apartment building go and hang out with your door man and custodial crew they can always use the company and have great stories to share.

As of now:

All routes into Manhattan are now closed.

ConEd has announced the city should expect outages

Winds have not reached its peak speed

Brooklyn and Queens are reporting a record number trees and power lines down

Don’t forget we are also going to experience a major snow storm after Sandy!

Enjoy Bloomberg speaking to the press in Spanish 5:30 EST


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