Gen-Y Speaks Through Voting

Presidential Election 2012 Millenials Gen Y Obama v Romney Political affiliations do not hold any credence in this bout between the old and young. You will find no punditry here just brutal honesty about this country and it’s heir-apparent. The Millenials, Generation Y, my generation, our generation came out to vote in astounding numbers this year as they did in 2008 when the percentage was comparable to that of this nations senior citizens. Yet we still refuse to usurp an idle class of Americans hell bent on fighting decades long futile  pugilistic bouts in the halls of congress. We are 19% of the national electorate yet like Latinos and Women we are over shadowed in politics by an elected majority who are out of touch.

Would you not rather see a friend, a brother, a sister championing the causes you hold dearly to your hearts; people who do not speak of the internet and social media in idioms. Our grandparents built our highways, our economy, helped place men on the moon, they built made in the USA and the Baby Boomers have squandered our nation’s blood and sweat soaked wealth from their parents Golden Age.

It makes no difference that President Obama was re-elected, it makes no difference that marijuana was made legal in Colorado or that Latinos and African Americans Come out to Vote 2012we have an openly gay Senator from Wisconsin because in 2014 the politicians will not speak directly to us. They will look over us again. We are poor, unemployed in droves, underemployed to a criminal degree and while we are not afraid to spend our hard earn money and support our cities’ economic entrepreneurial renaissance in Portland, San Francisco, Detroit, Austin, Baltimore, Seattle and most importantly in Brooklyn New York the Baby Boomers impotency to govern justly; as they have shown us the past 30 years, should burn our electorate energy to not only vote but run in any election possible. It is not an issue of red or blue but whether or not the most educated generation this nation has seen can work in a bi-partisan manner to void the voices of an ineffective ruling body.

Do we care about trivial issues such marriage amendments to our country’s Constitution or do we care about ensuring that Social Security and Medicare does not bankrupt our pockets? To what end will we go and ensure that our largest generation does not sap us dry? I do not ask for the eradication of entitlements all together, but I do ask that those who take put in because Generation Y does not have the capital to support not in this economy and not with these employment rates. My generation has voted now it is time to take power equal to that of our participation.


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