Fordham Basketball: Going for Perfection

So college hoops is back and so is the task at hand for athletes all across the country to be immortalized in the record books. In the Atlantic 10 Athletic Conference we have a university so overwhelmed with quality talent that they fail every year to scout, commit or sign any of them to their roster. The Fordham Rams (A-10 0-2) blow and taking a peek at their non-conference schedule this season it seems like they’re overzealous athletic department put an emphasis at achieving the perfect season 0-13 and I firmly believe they can do it too. Currently they’re playing at Robert Morris (NEC 0-2) and the boys are striving to be the worst representative in the NCAA’s top non-BCS basketball conference. The Rams only true roadblock preventing them from achieving a spot free worst perfect record in the A-10 are themselves, if these boys can’t figure out away around Texas State then how do they plan on beating Monmouth College, whose entire town has been destroyed by Hurricane Sandy?! Here are the stats:

In Average Points Per Game they’re averaging 63.5 for 227th place in the nation!

Average Assists Per Game 9.0 or 279th overall in America…The only thing that passes less than the Rams are people who should never ever eat dessert after going to Applebees!

You can argue that Fordham is not the bastard of the A10 that Rhode Island is struggling too but then I would counter that they Hurley brother’s as a coaching tandem are just damn better basketball minds than anyone could fish for at Fordham. Coach Tom Pecora is more than likely to lay an egg and hatch it before he produces a winning season.

The Rams do not have a push over schedule even with two Ivy League schools to play in Harvard and Princeton! Last years Ivy League champs are depleted do to their star PG being tied to academic fraud and Princeton is predicted to win the Ivy this year and at least get a chance into the second round of the NCAA tournament.

Year after year Fordham University has floundered in the bottom of an always competitive A-10. Even next year with the withdrawal of Temple to the Big East and Charlotte to Conference USA (Where they belonged!) the Fordham Rams do not have a shot at competing, sure the university elders have committed money to rebuilding their sports programs but they just cannot compete against the big boys. If they can only pick up failed Athletic Director David Roach maybe it is time for the administration at Rose Hill Campus to look at joining the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference where they can compete on and off campus against schools like Iona College, Manhattan College, Siena and Canisius or go to the Great West Standings with N.J.I.T.


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