Firms Expect More From Millennials

Underemployed, Generation Y, Millennials, Job hunting,  Young Americans, Corporate Life Hipsters and YuppiesAre you prepared to be a super human cyborg for your company? After reading an article on Crain’s New York it appears as if it’s not enough to be able to learn things hands on or pick up a new concept and run with it as if you have known it your whole life, no. I dislike today’s job market and I really can’t stand being told that my education, natural ability to sell and create networking opportunities for advancement is not enough by the news. It’s not enough to be naturally creative, to be able to analyze statistic (not saber metrics, I’m not a genius) at the drop of a hat and convey messages to a myriad of people who live on multiple plains of intelligence … When will it ever be enough again?

Now we are expected to know how to code html, html5, css, pearl, java, and flash. Create our own media and Photoshop or edit it. What’s next are we supposed to be our own models and our own musicians for our bosses or potential employers too? If employers in NYC are looking for candidates from top ten universities where does that leave the rest of us? I went to a top 100 university a great private school, a Catholic institution. However, I went to a NYC public school where there were no computer courses, there was barely a music department; my teacher had to lie, beg, and steal to get instruments and had to fix the ones my classmates broke every other day! For a school so hell-bent to call itself an environmental school there was no focus on the actual future, on engineering or telecom that would bring innovative new ideas to the table ten years ago or solve issues we have in front of us today (EPIC FAIL). How are NYC public schools supposed to undo  fifteen years of gutting to keep their students competitive against suburban school kids who have had these things in place for decades?

Reading stuff like the article I found on Crain’s (See Article Linked here) makes me realize just how obsolete I am just three years out of college. How obsolete my education was from ten years ago. So much of the contemporary and normative functions we grew up with are being tossed aside for this futuristic work force and I’m just not one of them right now and this scares me. What the Crain’s writer summarized from attending “The New Faces of Old Industry” event is that at 30 you’re already losing value to your employer. I say give me a company that embodies and appreciates these basic ideologies and characteristics:

  • a colorful personality
  • a person who can deliver diversity in thought
  • a senior staff with the ability to embrace a candidate that is not afraid to say “No” when said person feels things are going wrong.

I wonder if there is a place like that for me…The search continues.


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