Happy New Year! Good Bye 2012 Hello 2013

So we’re not dead, the Mayan calendar missed it by that much. The days are darker, longer and the weather chillier. We have had our fair share of turbulent times this year from the fiscal cliff, Newtown and gun control to the re-election of our nation’s president to the personal losses and defeats we have all faced in private and among the close comforts of our friends and family. 2012 like every year will stand out as a year where we have tried so hard to pull ourselves out of the gutter only to see our elder generation work us back to a mired state deep in the dark murk of uncertainty. But that is life. Life is nothing but uncertainty you can never live well if you fear the unknown.

I want to thank all my friends and readers around the world for clicking through and reading the assortment of topics I have shared. This blog has only been active since late 2011 and the bulk of the blog’s archive has been produced this year; over 90% to be exact. I now average 10.2 views a day and two of my pieces have been featured as links in two internationally based on-line magazines which helped generate a total of 5,120 views this year for my site.

People have asked what Hipsters & Yuppies is about and I have taken some time to think about this and come to one sure and honest conclusion. It’s about all of us. Everyone who can relate to being young trying to figure out their place in this world. Generation Y; our generation can be a very deeply involved group of Americans. Unfortunately our skills have only been tested on a superficial level. We are creative, highly educated and incredibly social. Some may say that we suffer from infantilism, with our SantaCon bar crawls and kick ball leagues but who are they to judge us? In 2013 I hope we can take the elements which mystifies our critics and our parents and use those elements to effect positive change to our hometowns, our social circles and in our work. Cheers! Happy New Year 2013!

You can follow me on my personal twitter account @CA_LeBron. Stay social my friends!


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