What Corporations Need To Know About TAPITURE

Tapiture Cover Photo, Tapiture.com TheChive.com Pinterest Hipsters Yuppies Men's Style PinboardIf you spend as much time as I do on-line you often see that red P” in a sites social media grouping of buttons. As most of you already know that P” stands for the highly touted social media site Pinterest. A haven for women to actively share their favorite buys, most haves, gotta haves, birthday wishlist wants, and sinfully delicious delights with all their friends. Guys if your girlfriend, wife or significant other is signed on to this site then you must pay attention to their feed on Facebook as it will provide some very positive results for you in the long run.

Alas though Pinterest is dominated by women and it has always been since its inception and corporations immediately took to the site for opportunities to expand their base, explore their consumers’ interests and promote that which cannot usually be shown on their general sites and are usually located on sub url’s in an attempt to go viral. (As is always the goal for digital campaigns.)

To those who browse The Chive, Tapiture is nothing new. The prior uses feeds or “Collections” from the latter to post what it thinks is the funniest or sexiest daily lists of images for their readers to enjoy. Have you seen that Bill Murray shirt at the bar lately? Don’t  know where to get one? Chive on. Most importantly is that the two symbiotic sites are supported predominantly by male traffic. As the landing page for Tapiture.com simply states

“Tapiture is a place for guys to discover and share the best stuff online”

And when they mean the best stuff they truly mean the best stuff. Even this blog has a Tapiture page devoted to Men’s Fashion (H&Y on Tap). Side Note!!!:

Speaking of men’s fashion for more in-depth style tips you have to check out www.TheHouseofMajd.com a writer for the nation’s top magazines including GQ he is full of great business and fashion advice for the Urban Gentleman.

There are plenty of mancentric retailers already tapping on the site but the interests of every man is covered here. Currently the site is in a mass upgrade phase; undoubtedly from all the positive press they have received thus far and they’re seeking app developers to expand in to the all precious mobile market. Just from their general url site Tapiture is already nearing 1,000,000 taps.

The common misnomer by  marketers today is that men do not share the same way women share. Well the loyal followers of The Chive (Known as Chivers) are about to tear down that misconception. Corporations have hedged so much on Twitter and Pinterest because studies have shown that the majority of America’s purchases are female driven and while this may be so who is to say that women have the best taste in men’s culture to begin with. There are one too many women that have hooked up with Derek Jeter and the male cast members of Jersey Shore in the last few years. Not to mention the scores of horrible gifts I have received from the women in my family and the women that I have dated. If they only knew what I was really into. Here is their chance and Sales and Marketing teams chances to really get into the mind of the mysterious and illusive loyal male consumer.

It’s data-mining 101 and Lacoste or … name a man’s product didn’t have to construct it themselves. If you build it they will come and then they will tap it! I can’t wait to see what that social media button will look like. Given the nature of The Chive and Tapiture users I’m going to assume the campaign is going to go viral and there will be some amazing logo designs. Maybe it will just be the stunning image of Bill F’ing Murray!


I forgot to mention the huge hearts these Chivers have as they donate to some amazing causes in need. Check out the site here www.ChiveCharities.org and please feel free to follow my personal Twtter feed @CA_LeBron.



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