Bar Rescue: Mother Burger

In an attempt to stay relevant I have made it a rule of thumb to only write about the things I know and the things I love; most of the time the two rules are applied at the same time and there is some fun that comes out of it.

Having worked in a bar for 5 years, bar tended private parties and managed events for thousands I can firmly say I know what I am talking about when I say that this little dive Mother Burger; Located in Hell’s Kitchen, desperately needs help as it is suffering from owners that do not have their fingers on the pulse of NYC nightlife.

They have a twitter account created by a former employee who cared and it goes unused, actually I am not even sure that they know the handle exist which is sad as hell. Every bar should have a Twitter account so their consumers have a direct link to send positive or negative messages to the managers and senior operators.

I stopped going to the bar many times. Never because of the service the wait staff, bar tenders and managers do what they can with the little good they are provided. I have worked at a bar that serves frozen margaritas and SPOILER ALERT the tips suck! I don’t care if it accounts for 70% of alcohol sales. When you’re not getting paid well by an employer and the employer is only seeking lowly clientele looking to get Manhattan quality service on a $4 margarita for a $0 tip you as an owner are asking for low morale and do not care about your brand.

When you have an experienced nightlife staff who consistently brings in customers to a bar you have to look at: What it is they’re doing to bring in those regulars? Why those regulars know their names? And to comprehend the importance of there existing some intimacy between those faces across the bar.

So when my mother (actual mother) expressed dissatisfaction with the recent changes in their Wednesday night routine when the owners decided to add a DJ. Yes a damn DJ in a hole in the wall dive bar of Hell’s Kitchen, A location that has so much promise as a mixology oasis for the winter clients and summer clients that I had to let my fingers fly across the board. It’s time for that organization’s owners to go to bars in Bushwick, Chelsea, Harlem and Greenpoint to really understand how small occupancy bars should function and function well so that they bring in the RIGHT clientele so their workers get paid and tipped accordingly for a product that is worth wild. When bar’s turn for the worst it’s not because of the managers or workers, it’s because of inept owners. The faster these owners either relinquish control of this bar to their youthful on the pulse staff the better Hell’s Kitchen and their lives will be. Until then they’re just a joke putting out a farce of a product at Blockheads while denying their staff and a community to enjoy something different.


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