Top 4 Signs You Should Quit Social Media

I believe you should just stay off of social media when recruiters and HR find that every profile you own is marked private. Or when you claim to be a president of a company that is not legally registered to do business anywhere in America. Or when said company doesn’t even have a website. While everyone is afforded the right to privacy if you find it necessary to block the world maybe it is a sign to delete those profiles or go on a re-branding campaign.

At what point should you just stop using social media?

1) Your ability to copy and paste inspirational words by others do not move us. We all feel like this meteorologist when your post populates.

2) posting things that would lead one to question your character. Need to vent crack open a window. Are you drunk or just Minnesotan? (You are spewing On Our News Feeds)

3) posting things that would lead one to question your intelligence (Thanks Animaniacs!)

4) Your vanity is made evident by the sheer number of camera pointed down towards cleavage selfies. If your dad hasn’t noticed you by now chances are he isn’t paying attention to your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr cries for attention. Also if you’re a mom. Even more inappropriate if you’re a dad… eeek. Here are some examples great visual aids.

enhanced-buzz-12425-1377772114-0 enhanced-buzz-6557-1377772360-4

instagram-ruining-everything-selfie-21 enhanced-buzz-28595-1377772310-4 image images2 Screen-Shot-2013-08-29-at-12.24.16-PM selfie-10-mommy VIBE-Vixen-FUneral


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