Winter Madness Di Blasio vs The UES vs NYC

I have to say shame on the UES they’re griping about all the wrong things with this storm. Pick up a shovel and help your neighbor. You guys have taken 10 years tax abatement on new property purchases for the past 15 years. Is there not enough money saved to go to Home Depot; which may I add is around the corner from Bloomingdales, that you insist on sending your NBC weather lackey Al Rooker to champion your cause. If you would simply make an educated argument such as the one I am about to provide for you

 “Hey we have a large population of seniors at 14% (30,789 According to the 2010 Census) and most of the island’s medical facilities since St. Vincent’s closed you have to make sure to double back when the severity of a storm shifts.”

 I would have been fine with that argument. But no you went the tax route. “Who pays the taxes in this city?” residents of the Upper East Side District 8 have asked. That’s the kind of entitled attitude which angers fellow Gothamites. You’re 219,920 souls of 8,000,000. This doesn’t include the undocumented or the transients who still claim residency with their home state.

There were only 2,000 sanitation employees on the road on the day and evening of the storm. That’s 1 worker for every 4,000 people citywide. The population of the island of Manhattan and Roosevelt Island as of the 2010 census is 1,577,385 diverse souls. We had 400 sanitation employees working 12 hours shifts during gridlocked rush hour for us. That still barely improves the public employee to resident ratio to 1:3,943.5. Maybe you should blame your neighbor Michael Bloomberg for gutting public services so effectively that it left vital neighborhoods such as Lenox Hill and Yorkville so horribly mismanaged in this last storm and in storms to come. So long as we maintain the corporate philosophy that a municipality with a responsibility to care for its people can run on a barebones staff. We as a city will continue to fall into disrepair, as our economy slips closer and closer into a depression.

This whole things reminds me of a story I was once told. On a trip to Las Vegas a woman hit the jackpot on the penny slots, she was elated, she was a winner in Vegas, until she looked down at her winnings and the disappointment showed. An elderly woman of the Great Generation observed the whole event and offered this criticism/advice; depending on who you are, to the jackpot winner “You play chump money, you win chump change.” I am sorry to say it my fellow New Yorkers we were all played for chumps by our last administration.


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